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    Hi All

    I have just changed my front disk rotors to slotted type and also had to change my front Pirelli Zero Nero tyres because they started to split on the inside surface.

    Put on 2 new Falken tyres on the front and had quite prononced vibration on decelaration at around 40kmh, went back to dealer and had them rotate to rear and the vibration has been reduced but still there occasionally. Also consumption has gone up from around 11.5 to 14.5/100

    Anybody know of a good mechanic in WA I can go see to give the 2005 MPS 6 I have with 62000km a once over?


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    You haven't read your owners manual have you?

    I don't think you need a mechanic because your problem sounds very familiar and easy to resolve (notice I didn't say cheap).

    If you only changed two tyres you could have a problem with driveline binding caused by different tyre circumference front to rear. On the 6MPS you really need to change all four tyres at the same time due to the nature of the AWD system. It says this in the owners manual and it's something you really need to take notice of because the AWD system will not tolerate a tyre diameter variation of more than a couple of mm.

    Next time you feel the vibration pull the handbrake up slightly till the light shows on the dash. If the vibration stops, you have binding. You must deal with this immediately because binding causes the diff coupling to overheat. The short-term solution is to match tyre diameter by increasing the air pressure in the older tyres until their diameter matches that of the new tyres. ie inflate the old tyres and measure with a tape measure instead of an air pressure gauge. The proper solution is to get two more new tyres.

    If sorting out the tyres doesn't resolve the vibration then go see a mechanic.

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