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Thread: To MPS or Not to MPS, that was the question,................

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    Default To MPS or Not to MPS, that was the question,................

    Hi All, just sending out a quick hello and that im very pleased with my purchase.

    After several months of having my heart set on and test driving a few XR5Turbos, a friend recommended to try the MPS 3. After one drive i was hooked and settled on a price with the previous owner. I was realy impressed with its out of the box power and that 'Trademark' pull everyone talks about. Its a GEN 1, in metalic grey. Stock aside from a recent Sub install, and replacement of the stupid horns they come with to something a bit more manly.

    Now many say the MPS just a badged up sissy 3, and i say the XR5T is just a badged up sissy focus so go tell someone that gives a flying Fk.

    I had recently stepped out of a 315RWKW XR6T, but im having more fun driving this little machine than i ever did my XR6T. Handling, parking and just general driving is a pleasure and im not missing the extra KW at all. I must admit the clutch takes a few drives to get used to but once you do it all feels natural. Oh and did i mention it comes with cruise control as standard!? haha. This is a big deal as i use it alot and dont see why a car these days shouldnt have it.

    Thats about it for now. Im sure you know what they look like so wont bother puting up pics unless i do some mods.

    Till then, happy driving!

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    6 ftw!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMackie View Post
    Now many say the MPS just a badged up sissy 3, and i say the XR5T is just a badged up sissy focus so go tell someone that gives a flying Fk.

    CES "SS" TBE | SURE "Aeros" SRI | SURE "Sidewinder" TIP | SURE "Return" Recirc Hose | CUSTOM "PWR Core" FMIC | Hypertech "Tuned" | Turbosmart "Atmo" BOV | MSD DashHawk | CP-e REM | SURE "Anchors" Shifter Bushings | JBR SSP and Weight | JBR Heavy Knob |Redline Hood Quick LIFT ELITE | TEIN "SS" Coilovers | Front - Rear HOTCHKIS Swaybars | Front - Rear DBA 4000 Slotted Rotors | A1RM Brake Pads | 18x8 +45 Tenzo-R Cuzco Black V1 | 235/40/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport | Safe n' Sound baby Seat lol

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    Welcome, good choice. Must be nice not driving a taxi.

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    Hi and Welcome

    Put some pics up mate, it's your new pride and joy and it needs to be shown off

    Any plans to mod?


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    Ok will post up pics soon mate. Not sure about performance modding just yet. As stated have already installed sub/amp and replaced the silly OEM horn, Oh and done the beeper (Key in ignition) mod. Got to love the information you find in the how-to sections!

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    As requested. Not the best pic but getting there

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    Nice colour !

    More pics please !

    I came from an FG XR6 Turbo....still haven't looked back after nearly 3 months ! And the more people say "why a Mazda 3" then when you throw them the keys and let them take it for a drive say "wow...ok...I get it now" the better !!!

    It's all about education.

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    Ok MPS190 finally had the time to grab another pic

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    Look at that shine! Love it!

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    haha cheers Dru.

    I have Meguiars 3 step clean & carnauba wax kit + some elbow grease to thank for that shine ;-)

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    Looks awesome ! Is that a rare mps colour ?

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    welcome where you from? nice color, looking at getting a 3 mps for my misses she so scared to drive the 6 with all the up grades so getting another one for her leaving it stock so she can drive it hope

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    MPS190: The color is Metrogrey i think (someone can correct me with the right name), the color looks different inthe 2nd photo due to the light reflecting off the blue roller doors behind. Put your left hand over the roller doors and youll see what i mean.

    Axspeed6: Living in Perth. Nice engine bay by the way, not too much looking stock in there anymore, lol

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