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Thread: New Member from Melbourne

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    I'd say so lol ^

    He's not a short lad, our Andy

    Then again neither are you Juzzie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logan View Post
    Yeah the horn in the 3 is shithouse.

    Either are awesome cars, from a practicality point.of view the 6 has more room in the back.

    In my Gen 2 you can't get anyone in the back.
    More pratical for rear passengers sure... However not so when you need to get something extra-large in the boot...

    Sure the zero intrusion hinges on the 6 bootlid are awesome, and allow me to get more in my boot than my Boss' commonwhore can take... But the hatch and folding rear seat would be a real bonus at times... My brother-in-law who has a 6 hatch can get waaay more in the back than I can.

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