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Thread: Hello OZMPS crew!!

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    Thanks Leelu, it is good to see such adversity can be overcome by a common love for the MPS! haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogwick View Post
    Correct, see the mods in my sig or on my thread. Boost is limited in the 3MPS in the lower gears, its not so bad in the 6MPS but I think it still is limited yes (not as bad as the 3). The hypertech removes this limitation and also improves throttle response. Great for the small yet efficient K04 turbo (of course, my other mods help as a whole package (exhaust, intake etc) Also, try building the revs and 'launching' off the line...if you're on boost when you won't feel flat trust me!!!
    Cheers Rogwick, what I meant by 'flat' was that after launching and going into second I don't get the full boost and have to change into 3rd almost straightaway (I know it is probably because the revs are over 3 grand once changed, but wonder if it should still be boosting hard in second?)... Once in third it really gets going!!

    How much extra power would K&N filter or RAI (thinking Sure Motorsports) give me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12Lead View Post
    Welcome Andy,
    Now you need the rotor to commpliment your 6mps in your garage.
    Cheers Todd
    Thanks Todd, yeah a ported rotor would look and sound awesome in the garage! I have a 12A in pieces in the shed and a 1964 datsun Bluebird that would be a unique recipient, but I have been saying that for almost 6 years... Haha! Kids have a way of shifting your focus and priorities!

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    welcome nice ride but i perfer the radiant ebony personly ahahhaa.... its good to see another 6 but not another brisvagas they guys n girls from brissy are real nice and dnt mind a drink so if u can get to a monthly meet and enjoy

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    Twin form overseas! Nice to see another Velocity Red Mica Speed6! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

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