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    Hey guys,

    Currently in the market for a mazda 6 MPS... My initials are MPS so its well suited to me :P haha... Thought i would have a look for forums and this was the first i found ... Also interested in how far people have gone with modifactions, off to have a look now see yas round


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    quoted from blackbetty: this is the MPS capital of the world!
    i just bought my mps6 few weeks ago. all stock in and out.
    haven't plan to do any modifications yet. may do some light mods later on.
    MPS is quite a nice car, i love it alot.

    and welcome micheal!


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    Welcome Michael.

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    Welcome Michael!

    Yeah, there's heaps of MPS6's in WA and we like to get out every now and then.

    I've done a few mods although nothing major as I have the stock turbo and stock cooler. Just on the weekend I was chasing a Ferrari and had a Mercedes C63 AMG (336kW) behind me. Out of the corners at high RPM the MPS was explosive and when we pulled over after the meetpoint the AMG driver got out and said what turbo and cooler am I running...I said "just the stock turbo and cooler" *Jaw drops* with that one of his passengers decided to come with me! Apparently the AMG wasn't held up at all behind me although I don't doubt on a long straight line he would have taken me. Out of the corners to xxxkmph I gave it a run for the money though.

    Also lost my brakes behind the Ferrari as I had to keep hitting them hard

    With great power comes great fuel consumption...
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    G'day Michael,
    Good choice on wanting a 6! They're an awesome car for the money... Good luck in your hunting!


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    Hi Michael. My initials are close, MPH though. hahah.
    Our MPS6 is standard, but very happy with itm, great family car, and nice cruiser as well.
    it seems there are a few upgrades, and I am currently about to undergo some R&D of my own see if I cant make some cheaper better alternatives.
    See you around

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    Welcome Mate good luck in your search. I have a mps3 fairly Stock i love this Car. Last car was a BMW, I LOVE MY MAZDA......


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    Hey mate, I got my 6 MPS only 3 weeks ago and they are an awesome car. Big enough for our family, can be driven sedately with ease and is pretty quick when you give it some!! Definitely a fun car to drive and the front end looks mad with the pumped bonnet and bi-xenon headlights. Buy one, buy one now!!

    I will be doing some minor mods over the coming months, but I gotta say all the talk on the forum about the stock turbo oil seals is making me a little nervous. Although fitting a BNR turbo sounds like a good safeguard!

    I thought Brissy was the 6 MPS capital of Australia?!

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    Welcome Michael.

    Enjoy the forums, and enjoy your search.
    Hope you find the car that is right for you.


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    Hey bud!

    Welcome to the club and welcome furthermore to MPS6 nation!

    Good luck with your search, hope you find the right one for your needs.
    I'll be seeing you on the roads.


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    Welcome Michael

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