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Thread: new 06 mps owner in VIC

  1. Default new 06 mps owner in VIC

    Hey guys !
    My name is David and I just bought a second hand 06 mazda 3 mps in cosmic blue with 100k on it !
    Was thinking of a couple easy, not too heavy mods (so that it wont void my dealer warranty).
    1. BOV - was looking at the the turbosmart dual port but its a bit hefty at 400 bucks !
    2. Rear engine mount - i heard this help improves the smoothness of the gear changing and so on !
    if you guys know of what brand or where to get them cheap, it will be much appreciated
    i am located in VICTORIA on the westside !
    thanks for your help guys !

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    well hello there mr ong

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    Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay and let me tell you now it won't stop at a couple of mods David, I wish you luck holding back.

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    Hello David and welcome!

    I did have a Turbosmart BOV and I think I payed around $400 for mine. I had a problem with it a while ago and now back to stock BPV and happy. Perhaps invest that cash toward an intake, more benefit that a BOV and you still get a nice swirl intake noise. Alternatively check out the for sale thread here. Someone might be able to help you out on a used BOV should you still want one

    Engine mount, I would consider the sure motorsport REM. While you're there check out their intakes and other products. Yes it should improve the feel of shifts and add a little more stability to motor flex. Mazda mounts aren't too flash from what I've seen and just yesterday I had the mount replaced on my girlfriends 323 SP20 as the rubber internals were ripped apart.

    Hope that helps and enjoy the forum

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    Come along to the monthly meet for a chat and some advice

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    Hello and welcome to the forum

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