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Thread: New Member (recently started getting involved)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakis View Post
    Welcome matie , hopefully see you at the next meet cool to see some blacks getting on board in Vic
    It's next Wednesday, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slixx View Post
    Good point!

    SSP is definitely on the list
    Also need to tint my windows

    With the REM I have read that you can experience some vibration. How bad is it or is there something that can be done to overcome it?

    Any other suggestions?
    I've got the SURE REM. You will notice the vibes, but personally I think it gives the MPS a meaner/solid feel, especially through the steering column. Once it wears in the vibes settle and now I don't notice it. I've got the STREET version. Check out the link at - Torq R3™ // SURE Motorsports // Mazda Performance Equipment and also the this thread -

    2XS racing make a SSP, which does the job (and you're supporting an Aussie site vendor) or alternatively SURE motorsports also have one too - ShortCut™ // SURE Motorsports // Mazda Performance Equipment
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    Thanks naasif. Now I want everything. I feel like such a noob as my mind is spinning at all the possibilities, but have little idea on how to implement them

    Guess I need to have a 'give it a go' attitude!

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    Welcome and hope to see you around

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    Welcome aboard Slixx!!

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