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Thread: Gen 1 MPS owner

  1. Default Gen 1 MPS owner

    Ive had the car for a few years now,
    only mods are silicon turbo intake pipe ( home made)
    drift air pod, turbosmart kompac BOV, profec B running 16 psi but tappering to 12ish at higher rpm.
    Plans are for dump pipe, still trying to decide on intercooler upgrade wether to get the ETS top mount or buy a FMIC and getting it tuned either a xede or haltech interceptor or if anything else is available in WA at the time..

    Car suffers with ticking noise at idle can only really hear it when bonnet is up, heard its quite normal on MPS so not really bothered at this point if it gets louder then i will get it fixed..

    Any way i had it on the dyno today to check AFRs and boost consistency:

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    G'day mate!

    Welcome to the club, and welcome to the WA crew! Hopefully see ya on the road and on the next cruise.

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    Hi and welcome

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    Welcome mate

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    Hi Mate, AFR's look ok apart from that one lean run.

    Did you ever dyno the car stock to see if running this boost controller is givin you any gains?

    I hate all piggy back ECU tuning because they dont have as much control over different parameters.. I wonder how long it will be until chiptorque release the EzyFlash pro as this would be a much better option IMO

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    no i never ran it stock.. i had the boost controller in my shed, i bought it years ago and used it in a wrx i had..

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    I could run more boost, and let the safety reducer drop boost when it gets to the higher gears.
    Very limited to the amount of boost i can run in lower gears atm, till i get car tuned i guess

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    4 runs and the afrs are a bit out from each other, boost was consistent in all 4 runs...
    wonder what would cause the afrs to not inconsistent between the runs???

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    I would say the main cause is having the boost controller. The ecu is getting a different boost value from what its expecting and it can't correct it because it no longer has control over the boost. also air temps could have effected it

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    so you thnk using the factory boost solenoid will sort my boost issues and Air Fuel ratio out??
    ill have to get a nipple welded onto my intake and it doesnt have one like standard pipe...
    It also looks like in running less than stock boost aswell??

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    I can't really remember what stock boost is like but i think your running less boost in the higher rpm. I ran an aftermarket boost controller for a while at one stage but without proper tuning to deal with the increase in boost it just doesn't work well.

    If your intake doesn't have a nipple for the return on the boost control solenoid then how is your current setup connected? hope your not just venting the air that comes out of the solenoid.

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    should the factory solenoid be cappeded off on both openings??? one is and the other isnt....
    Should i unplug it??

    I will be getting a flash tune in a while... i work fifo so i dont drive the car often next time im in Perth ill have it tuned

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    to ozmps
    as toddy said, piggyback ECU's arent that great... some people love em, others dont
    best thing to do is get a flash tune, will help the restrictions in lower gears as well

    hope you're enjoying your car and the forums

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