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Thread: Nissan Turbos on Mazda?!?!?!

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    Default Nissan Turbos on Mazda?!?!?!

    Hi all,

    So alot has happened since the timing was redone, etc, long story short motor is out atm and there is shaft play on the turbo and wanting to replace with the GT2871R/GTX2867R (not interested in the GT30 series as a DD)

    having a look at the available 2nd hand GT2871R/GTX2867R's, but they are generally used for CA18DET/SR20's. I am wanting to know, is .64 A/R fine for our car (stock internals etc) and is there anything else required, such as different dump pipe flange, exhaust manifold etc, as this will not be an ATP kit.

    or has anyone used the GT2871RS (

    Curious to know what sort of figures can be had with this and if it is a straight bolt up

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    The flange don't fit Mazda, would need to go custom exhaust mani and dump pipe or re flange a cheap 2nd hand DP or ATP sell rear housing with Mazda flanges

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    Thanks mate, so just to check is it the flange that goes to the exhaust manifold that is the issue, or the flange which goes to the downpipe? Couldn't an exhaust shop cut the flange from the exhaust manifold and weld on one?

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    Is there any chance a MK3 Focus RS turbo could be adapted to the MPS 2.3?

    They get close to 400 fly horses when tuned hard so would be a decent choice for MPS if it can be made to work.

    400Hp FWD is quite fun, lots more than stock but not ridiculous.

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    Would require a hell of a lot of work, the flanges and the position of them isn't even close to what an MPS needs. They wouldn't close to 400 on a Mazda with out a custom tubular exhaust mani and after market intake manifold. The focus factory intake manis flow way better and even than the OEM Mazda.. damond Motor sports sell the focus intake mani kit to fit an MPS...But the design of the focus turbo and exhaust would need a shit load of custom fab work. Probably cost around the same to drop in an ATP Mazda flanged Garret gen2 GTX2867.. But 400 on a stock Block isn't if it will blow , it's when if you're into the throttle heaps.
    MPS Gen 2 2012 - i think i have Ebola

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    XR5 won't take 400Hp either, it's sus above 320 IMO. What does the MPS take safely?

    I converted my XR5 to RS so it would be bulletproof 400Hp daily.

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