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Thread: Turbosmart 24 PSI IWG Actuator Safe?

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    Default 24 PSI IWG Actuator Safe?

    Turbosmart do a 24psi IWG Actuator (see below for auction). Is it even safe to run this kind of boost through a standard MZR & K04?! Seems like a lot!

    Turbosmart Iwg75 Mazda Mps 24Psi | Trade Me
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    No, not safe
    The "spring pressure" is the lowest amount of boost you can run...

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    Thought so!

    They also do a 7psi spring but nothing in between. Seems like a big disconnect between that and 24psi?

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    Why do you nee a new WG?

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    I don't I just saw it and questioned it. Says it fits the standard turbo but I guess it'd be for people with modified internals etc right?

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    Or who like throwing money against the wall. Lol
    You can drive the k04 to it's max efficient boost (like 20psi) with a good electronic boost controller, so this would just be silly.

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