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Thread: MPS6 - Whiteline rear sway bar installed...Rear Endlink upgrade?

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    Default MPS6 - Whiteline rear sway bar installed...Rear Endlink upgrade?

    Have read a ton of threads, seems i have the same issues (clunking/creaking when going on angles/incline forward or reverse) from the rear.
    car is stock with the exception of latest replacement of diff mounts (c-pe and turbine tech) and the Whiteline rear sway bar

    rear end links?
    i've read as much as i can and am frustrated at not being able to easily order a set

    moog? are they only for mps 3s?
    whiteline? cnat seem to navigate their website


    any help? any sites to purchase in Oz...or overseas that will ship?

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    You can get Moog end links for the 6 from Stupor Cheap Auto's online store

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    super cheap auto? had a quick search and cant find it (under mazda 6 mps)

    got a link?

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    Supercheap Auto Parts Guide - Spare Parts Vehicle Selector - Supercheap Auto Australia

    Try under Mazda6 2007 GG3R, the website is a little hard to direct link

    Moog front end links are $18.16 each and the rears are $20.37 each.

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    I would steer clear of Whiteline sway bar links. They're not correctly designed for the 3, and cause the clunking issue to be worse. Unsure about the 6, but I wouldn't be risking it considering how expensive they are.

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    i swear cannot find shit.
    very frustrating

    i tightenned up one of the bolts on one side (was loose, but when tightening, the rubber stopped/grommet? on the other side just compresses and doesnt sit flush, the one on the other side is tight and sits flat) and now the noise is dulled down to a slight creaking. not as shuddering as before.
    ive got some pics ill get off my phone soon which might explain a bit more than what i can...

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    That last photo is of your ride/headlight levelling sensor.

    As for the creaking, could be the bushes as well as the links?

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    the end link bushing? or sway bar bushing (instructions/pamphlet provided said "grease free technology" or something)

    the creaking is more noticable on slow, corners,slopes

    am i over obsessing? car drives fine otherwise
    althou i am a bit paranoid about possibly overtightening one of the links and causing wheel alignment issues?

    making some enquiries on postage for these
    Sway Bar Endlinks for 03-08 Mazda 6 Rear - Racing Beat

    might be worth replacing anyways, since my stock end links are 10 years old now
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    also ...managed to find the part number for the moog end link...
    but on a US site

    [TD]MOOG MDLS4395[/TD]

    Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): GJ6A28170A, GJ6A28170B

    price is $14USD but postage is $50USD!!!

    searching moog australia/ super cheap auto...just leads me to mighty car mods

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    Haha trust me dude they are there, I've ordered some

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    I went into the local super cheap...and they took a whilst...but found it! (the moogs)

    also picked this up from whiteline
    Whiteline KLL124 Sway bar - alloy lateral lock 24mm ID kit
    not sure if it will make any difference, but will install all and report back

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    if anyone is interested, here is a video of the sound, going slowly down my steepish driveway

    have the day tommorow to replace the endlinks with moogs. fingers crossed

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    mood endlinks installed. noise is siginificantly reduced!!!! theres is still a tiny small whisper of a creak, on very slow curbs...which i shall monitor over the next few weeks.
    will upload some vid/endlink comparison, if anyone is interested...

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    Nice! I'm still waiting for mine.. Should have ordered through the shop.

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    cheesey summary of my day/DIY to add to the youtube library...
    spent the day off visiting my old man and working on possibly the worst "driveway" for a sliding creeper.

    noise is significantly reduced!

    check out the 10 yr old stock links...

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