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    Is a custom tune from FREEKTUNE or NISHAN generally reliable and good quality? Just want to get off the ots tunes had to uninstall my ap cus I hit 18.8 psi on a stage 1 ots tune for my stock mps when Iím supposed to be hitting 16.5 psi peak boost. Tried stage 0 and hit 8psi boost in second before something happened, felt like I had hit the brake hard for a half a second but I was on WOT didnít touch the brakes just boost dropped and car just broke hard then kept going normal once I backed of the accelerator. Definitely want to get a proper tune. Anybody had experience with either tuners and care to weigh in?

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    I've been tuned by freek for the last 5 years with 2 different turbo set ups making big HP, it's also a daily and been faultless. Freek is also an ex Mazda tech and qualified mechanic and can pic things in logs that something needs fixing that some other can't.
    He has tuned thousands, even his OTS plus map is a good option

    Nishan is also good but he seems to have gone off the radar and busy with other things.
    MPS Gen 2 2012 - i think i have Ebola

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    Would you say it’s appropriate with a bone stock mps gen 1 with on both resonators deleted and a k&n high flow panel air filter? Or should I wait til I have hpfp internals and intake done?

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    Do the fuel pump and intake first, otherwise you won't get the best out of the tune.

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