Hey Guys

Been a while since I been on here.

Today I bought a Mazda 3 MPS.This is my second MPS.

I owned a 6 MPS years ago and sold it as I moved overseas.

Owned that baby for 3 years.

Today i bought a 3 MPS.

It has a CEL that has been up for about 5-6 years the owner mentioned.

The previous owner had a CPe intake and CPe downpipe installed aswell as a blowoff.

The CEL shows due to the C02 sensor i believe. He mentioned that the sensor connection was too short.
Back in the day I installed the same on the 6 but that was cleared.

Im thinking I may need to just get that error cleared with an accessport but im not sure. Been out of the game for quite a while haha

Does anyone have an opportunity to maybe get this error cleared.

Would appreciate it so much.

I live in the Beverly Hills/Hurstville area but happy to visit someone for a hand to clear it