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Thread: So I found a Speed 3 and need some advice

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    Default So I found a Speed 3 and need some advice

    Hello everyone,

    So my buddy and I are looking for a new car for him. His budget is around 4K, and we found a speed 3GT for sale at a local lot. There were no record about maintenance, but both front and back tires looked good, and everything was stock. It felt mechanically sound, but had a few exterior blemishes (nothing to worry about too much). The car looks to have been backed in to in the front right quarter, and the headlight is broken and the hood is dented (bumper is fine) so those two need to be repaired.There were two errors: “airbag circuit open, loop #2 front driver side” and occupant classification system calibration failed” Neither sound too bad but we’d like more details as they are still concerning. The biggest issue that came from the turbo actually surprised us we started the car early morning, it was maybe 37° out and there was no white smoke, a tad of what looked like condensation smoke, but nothing bad. We test drive it brought it back started it again a few times and nothing bad happened. However a little later, it was maybe 45° by then, when we started the car a decent amount of white smoke came out. We’re not sure if this still might have been condensation or what, but it looked like it was probably the turbo. Now, what we want to know if it’s still worth a buy, the car was $3900. How much would a decent new turbo cost? We were able to source new headlights and hood out for about $400. He still has allot of leeway with budget (about $5,300) but he’s just not sure if it’s the right move. He’s worried it might be a money pit. Mileage is only 122,000.
    TLDR: turbo might be bad on speed3 GT. Has an issue with airbags and is being sold for $3900 firm. Worth the fix or potential money pit?
    Any advice is helpful.
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