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Thread: do i need to upgrade HPFP?

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    Default do i need to upgrade HPFP?

    i am using CS SRI+TIH, CPE TMIC, others all stock with cobb accessport3 stage1 95RON
    i can feel fuel cut at 2nd gear at around 5000rpm@14.5PSI
    AP3 logs attached, did i hit the limit of stock HPFP? can anyone help to check? big appreciate!!
    also i attached 3rd gear logs for reference, but i haven't got chance to rev at around 5000rpm
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    man I'm no expert, especially in OTS tunes, but your AFR's are hitting below 9.5 on WOT - hell at one point you 8.67!! thats mega rich, and could well be causing your stuttering - if you run too rich you can't get proper fuel burn.

    I would recommend you get your hands on a HPFP, and, a custom tune. PurpleDrank, Freektune and Stratified all have very good reputations as eTuners.

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    Another case of MAF calibration, also learn to do shorter logs. include your IDC and pedal pos. with my comment on MAF, your LTFT are way out. I ran mine between +/- 3.0. Read on mate you could also get more info at mazdaspeed forums.

    I have attached a log as an example. I'm running my car on E10. Ive set my rev limiter to 6500 rpm and you can see the fuel cut performing its job.
    Hope this helps.
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    Hi. Yeah, you need better logs for anyone to help much. Do some research, but below is a cheat sheet.

    You need two types of log. MAF Cal looks at the whole range of airflow readings across the rpm band in 2nd gear. It will help you correct your MAF sensor for your SRI. WOT looks at a bunch of values across the rpm band at full throttle.

    MAF Cal log: 2nd gear, (LTFT, MAF V, Mass air flow, STFT, RPM, some others). Start log, watch mass air flow >accelerate smoothly to get as much of the airflow band in the log as you can >hit 100+ flow >end log.

    WOT log: 3rd or 4th gear. Start log >pedal to the floor, do not lift! >get as high in the rpm band as you can, again, do not lift at all, foot to the floor! > take foot off > end log.

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