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Thread: wowww mps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default wowww mps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hahaha so i was driving along on a main road just thinking about the gen2 I put a deposit down on, iv been on on the forums lurking around literally everyday getting as much info on them as i can and just dreaming.... CANT WAIT.
    Anyway, iv stopped at a red light and a mps3 pulls up next to me (Mercedes benz clk320) and for a 6cyl the benz goes pretty good. so im just looking at the car admiring it and gave my car a little rev.... the lights go green and we both step on it. we both got up to 80km/h and slowed down just the MPS got to 80 much much quicker then me i couldnt belive the power of it it also sounded beautiful. not sure if he had mods or not but all i can say is this thing was amazingly surprisingly quick. i knew they were quick but not that quick.
    then i stay behind the MPS and a DI*K in a modified XR8 pulls next to the MPS, next red light the XR8 is doing a 'stand-still' and yelling out the window "come on lil 4cyl, COME ON" (mind you the XR8 had a sticker on his back window which said Baby on Board) the light went green and the ford had a better start and at about 60km/h the MPS had some sort of sudden burst of power and just started beating the ford at 80 i backed of and they kept going until maybe 140 - 150km/h thought that was a bit stupid but at least now i know how they go hehe.
    anyway i just felt like sharing that experience with you all.......

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    I'd have let him step on it at the lights and make a cock of himself (whilst fervently hoping the rozzers were about)

    The good thing about having that sort of power is that you don't need to prove it to every moron who thinks he can take you on

    It is fun up to the speed limit though

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    everyones usually surprised at how quick they are. anyone in a V8 always wants to go but they weigh a shit load, i taught a guy a lesson in an XY 351 GT

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    hehe yeah it is fun up to the speed limit.. i culd of put a bet down that the guy in the MPS would not have went up to that ridiculous speed is it wasn't for that DI*K in the ford as he was pressuring him.. because when we did, we only did it to 80km/h.. i wish the guy in the ford got his car inpounded the way he was going just pissed me off. oh well....
    wooo xy 351 GT, not a bad car only to lose to a mps hehe

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