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Thread: Not hitting boost target!!

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    So i am very new with this whole car modifications stuff but im finding my way around. I have a 2006 mazda 6 mps and i have a sri, bov and a accessport. I only recently reflashed to the stage 1 + sf v234. I read on cobbs site that my target boost is meant to be 16psi but my car is peaking out at about 13.5. Also keep in mind my car has 160000 kms on it. I know that would play some part to it but i didnt think it would be that much. Ive tighten all the clamps incase it was just a leak but thats made no diffrence, even setting my bov to recirculating still no diffrence. Could maybe still be leaking somewhere? I also tried adjusting the wgdc via the accessport with the new setting when you reflash allowing yiu to only make adjustments up to 10% which i tried and made zero diffrence! I dont know what else to try! Someone please help!!!

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    My first suggestion would be to make sure the boost control solenoid is actually working. Possibly you are running at spring pressure only. Check BPV gasket, if after you are certain boost control solenoid is functioning correctly and there's no gasket problem with the BPV then perhaps a smoke test will show any leaks.

    Usual disclaimer - I'm not a mechanic but that's where I would start. I have a feeling you're running wastegate spring pressure only and EBC isn't working

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