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Thread: Limiter bash and now LTFT out?

  1. Default Limiter bash and now LTFT out?

    Hey guys!

    So two weeks ago I hit limiter by accident in first gear while driving (lost traction in first) which didn't bother me, however since then my LTFT just at idle have been somewhat out of whack.

    Prior to it happening I was sitting -+1 through the RPM range, now at idle it seems to be averaging around the +4 range. I have checked over all the intake piping and everything appears to be fine, car drives perfectly normal otherwise and all other LTFT zones have stayed the same.

    Any clue what could have happened or is it just in my head and I need to adjust the zone?

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    Just a coincidence I think. Temperature changed a bit in two weeks? New fuel? <150km on the tune? Any of this would explain it, and +/-4 is pretty good anyway (better than mine at the moment!).

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    Yeah i was thinking it could be the temp dropping due to winter coming. But it almost seemed like instantly after it hit limiter, ltft went out.

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    That paranoia you get from seeing what the engine is actually doing! Ha ha
    Mine has been changing steadily as temps drop too.

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    Hahaha yeah some reassurance is always good. The puff of black smoke was decent too to go with it.

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