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Thread: A Job Best Left For The Professionals

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    Default A Job Best Left For The Professionals

    I decided I would take my wheels off today and clean inside the guards properly as well as the back half of the MPS wheel you can't get to.

    In the end I pulled the pin after one wheel as nothing I had was strong enough to clean in the tight bits properly and it was giving me grief. As the title says, best left for the professionals. That's what I intend to do with the other 3 wheels. Let them use their chemicals and sweat over the bloody things.

    Used degreaser diluted about 1:4 parts water
    Prima Wheel Armour
    Prima Nero

    Anyway got a few pics to show.



    Before (Nearly Forgot )


    Applying Prima Wheel Armour

    Wait 30 secs

    Buff Off (Not bad for standard MPS wheels )

    Then a coat of Prima Nero and I was spent

    And a reflection shot of our new Garage Queen AIO. Looks grainy. Suggestions photgraphers?

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    Looks very nice and clean!

    As for the pic...because of the contrasting over exposure and under exposure, the camera is trying to compensate by boosting the ISO. Thus resulting in grain.

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    As a said professional i say its a great job to DIY!! lol

    I hate wheels, although a job like that is very rewarding in terms of before and after

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    Yeah mate, it was a PITA

    I didn't have the correct brush to get in those grooves, the correct chemicals....

    Compared to what it was it's a major improvement, but nowhere near good enough.

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    So what's the best gear to use when cleaning and finishing the stock wheels?
    I love my stockies, but can't stand how quickly the get dirty!!

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    Well as you can see the inside of the mag was even hard to get clean with degreaser. I know that many use acid to clean these parts where the brake dust has been baked on. Not really my cup of tea.

    As for the front of the wheel I use just soapy water to wash and then I seal them with the Prima Wheel Armour. Wheel Armour is an All-In-One product so the cleaners will help left tar spot etc while you apply it.

    Lasts a couple of months. Brake dust just wipes straight off if you touch it with your finger and the wheel is still glossy underneath.

    I have found with the Wheel Armour the best method is to wipe the wheels clean while they are dry. Not wet. When the water hits the brake dust it goes gluey. Still just wipes off easy, but so much easier while it's dry.

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    Hey Zas, looks great (but a lotta work!) Photo advice - What camera are you using? As Rowan said hi ISO makes for lots of Grain, try this if you can:

    Manually adjust ISO to lowest setting (100 or lower) use a tripod if you can to prevent camera shake - if you lower the ISO the camera will compensate by lowering the shutter speed to get a good exposure.
    Try and place the subject (car) in even light (shade is good) - low contrast
    If you can use a Polarising filter, use it as this will reduce reflections.
    Again if your camera allows, take several shots at different exposures (this is called bracketing) this way you can see what exposure looks the best. Some cameras even have auto bracketing.
    Once again if your camera allows, take an exposure lock on a neutral grey surface in the same lighting as the subject and then recompose and take your shot.
    Hope this helps

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    Sweet thanks mate. I am just using a Canon Ixus 70 7.1mp. It has some manual settings but I just leave it on auto pilot

    I'll put it on manual and try a few things like you suggested.

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