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Thread: New Prima Car Care Products In Stock

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    Default New Prima Car Care Products In Stock

    Good Afternoon All,

    Prima Banana Gloss and all other Prima out-of-stock items are now in stock and available online. This includes Prima Glide (Clay Lubricant), other items that ran out including kits.

    This is the first time BG has been available outside of mainland USA, so it is also a new product to us. I will attempt to answer any questions, however my knowledge will be limited to what I have been told by the manufacturer (and read online) until I get to play with it myself. In the meantime, here is a link to tests from US users.

    Banana Gloss In Action

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    Great news....

    Now I can order some stuff.

    Happy Motoring

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    No probs mate, if you need any assistance with product info let me know.

    I will be applying Banana Gloss this weekend so I'll post up some before and after pics. It's been a while since I buffed my car so it has some nice swirls. Will see how good the BG is at covering them up.

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    pics yet

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    I did this review here but it wasn't on the car for very long as I have been testing other products. My car is a bit of a lab rat I do have before and after pics of the Banana Gloss on a black HSV R8 wagon if you want to see them?

    Otherwise, my next pics will be of my car getting a complete overhaul inside and out using the Blackfire range. Should be in about a week when the new paint has finished curing.

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