• More social network login options enabled

    In addition to facebook being available through the "f connect" button in the login area, Logon options are available for Google, Twitter, Youtube, Steam, OpenID and Blogger user accounts.
    I have enabled auto registration and automatic account merge (if you have registered with an email address at ozmps and the same email address is associated with your social media account, it should associate the social media account ie. google with your existing logon. Should is the operative word there.

    You must be accessing the site as https:// for these logon options to work.
    The site will still require you to have an email address and OzMPSclub password combination for certain access areas such as settings. If you register through a social network, the email address is supplied by the social network. You can request password reset to this email address, and then set an OzMPSclub password. You can then quickly logon with your social network credentials and/or login with your username/email/password combination.

    I would recommend existing registered users logon normally, know their password and go to their profile settings, click edit profile, and attempt to associate social network accounts there. Your account password is still required, social network associations just make basic login quicker and easier.

    Facebook, Twitter, Google and have all tested OK. YouTube is google and therefore assumed working, but untested. Steam does not seem to be functioning yet, Open ID and Blogger are untested. Facebook can be included in the social network dialogue, but for now is excluded from the "Social Network Login" list and available independently via the "f connect" button. That will likely change in due course.

    Blogs and Articles have been enabled again, with the ozmps.club "Magazine" style site available from a navigation tab - and vice versa. There will be some additional social media integration in due course, similar capabilities added to the magazine site, and then I will be seeking to pull together a register of MPS related businesses, social groups and technical reference information and promoting them via articles and dedicated pages on the website.

    Getting to this renewal stage has taken quite a few hours work on the ozmps systems. OS updates, dependency updates, plugin updates, plugin replacements, https default browsing, all had to be applied before visible additions could be made.

    Enjoy, there will be more to come.

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