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Thread: Dvd Player in 06 MPS3 + other things

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    Question Dvd Player in 06 MPS3 + other things


    I bought an 06 MPS Sports about 2 weeks ago. I was told the DVD player that came with it (photo attached) was standard (rare, but standard). When i got the car home i noticed when i try and put a disc in it doesn't go all the way in. it also makes a horrib;e high pitched beeping when you press a button or turn the volume up and down and i don't know how to turn that off.

    I also don't know how to change the clock on the part above the DVD player, the manual says there should be another button next to "Mode" but there isn't.

    All in all it's a great car, i love it and i wouldn't trade it for the world
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    That's not standard...

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    I am aware of that.

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    Soooo is the point of this thread to ask how to change the time on the clock or just to tell us your thoughts on your stereo?

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    Looks like the eonon head unit without the branding it seems. If you have steering wheel controls try holding down the mode button for a few seconds then using the up/down arrows to access the time setting. If you don't have steering wheel controls than you will have to do the old battery disconnect at midnight trick to sync up.

    if I were you I would go to and download the user manual for the gm5151 head unit and follow their steps for time settings if you have the steering wheel controls. It looks to be very similar. As for the high pitched beeping no idea sorry.

    for this discs not going all the way in, if it's not physically broken then there may well still be a phillips screw on top on the head unit that needs to be removed some people do forget to remove it, though you will need to remove the head unit to check that. The screw is there to protect the drive during shipping. That is covered in the manual too.
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    Thank you heaps Mspec I'll give that a go

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    I had one, couldn't set the clock either.
    Trick is, disconnect the battery at connect it again at exactly 12 or 1pm (can't remember exactly which)

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