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Well, haven't posted much here! Been very busy over the hols.

The good news first:

The hesitation and stuttering during off-boost loaded but moderate acceleration has gone away over the holidays. Whether it was because I did a few hours towing 600kg of trailer and it's changed fuel trims I don't know. The car feels good at the moment, I'm enjoying it.

The bad news:

It still occasionally misfires. It's rare, but if it's going to it does it during steadily increasing throttle application from off-boost thru to flat out. Eg, a 3rd gear corner, pull out of it gently off boost, then gradually increase the throttle, accelerating up thru boost, then as it starts to pull hard it occasionally does a full 'miss', a real jerk, then continues to run fine.

In for a pile of warranty work next week, including replacing an O2 sensor and an engine mount.

Hopefully they'll clean it too, cos it's filthy!