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Well, the car went back to the dealer for a day.

In that day, they fixed a missing firewall grommet (noise in the cabin) that they stuffed up the previous time, decided that it needs yet another sat nav screen (now arguments between Mazda and VDO Dayton as to who is going to pay for that), and fixed up a clonk in the front steering.

BUT they did not fix the hesitation. Apparently they tried plugs and coils. No difference. BUT they also said they tried driving 3 others, and they couldn't tell the difference. In other words, they are saying the car is normal. ?!?!?! Anyone else see the stupidity in that statement? The car is normal, but changing plugs and coils didn't improve it??

So one cranky email to the service manager later, with (to his credit) an instant phone call back.

Next step is that the QLD Mazda service representative is getting booked in for a drive of the car with me and the service manager later in the month.

Next step beyond that I suspect will be selling the car .


  1. tricache's Avatar
    Sell Sell Sell!!
  2. Nuliaj's Avatar
    Did they try factory plugs? Might be an idea to try Denso 1 step colder plugs?