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Jesta's Ride

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Hey guys I thought I would contribute here. . .

Some pic's of when I found my new wheels. I was in the car yard one day having a look at the Mazda 3's thinking it would be a smart Idea to trade the VT S-pac I'd been driving for the last 9 years to something smaller. . . . then i spotted the MPS 6 !!!

I had to go back inside and ask teh dealer who owned the 6 sitting in the drive way, thinking that it was a normal 6 that belong to one of the boys in the shop. He told me "Nar mate that's how it comes" I couldnt believe it I was in love!!! "How much?" "58 grand" he replied! my dream was shatted as I realise there was no way I could afford one of these wicked machines!

I kept my eye out an almost 12 months later I found a Kia dealer that was selling one second hand right colour right price !! I could believe my luck !! Needless to say I had a deposit down by EOB that day and picked it up the following week. When I first got to drive it, it slamed me back into the bucket leather seat and my smile began to grow bigger and BIGGER!!! talk about Zoom Zoom !!! wow !! now Ive had it a little while I'm staring to miss the oiginal rush of handling this beasty. . . so now saving mao to get a couple of little mods to pump it up a little, however this car still gets my heart beating at 140bpm when I ask it to get up an go so to speak.!!

Too be continued . . . .

OK So I've had my MPS about 6 months and it still impressess me !!! So I decided my first mod was going to be CAI so i looked around and decided that I was going to run with a AEM Cold air induction kit . . . found one on ebay and got it shipped out from the states. I waited for about a week before it turned up and came home one night to fit it sitting on the back porch ! Sweet!

So the next night when i got home i went out to a mates place and we got to work getting all the stock air box out. . . in the dark with a torch! and some tools (lol)

So took us a little longer, . . .

I finally got all the screws out (anyone that has done this with their car jacked up halfway in the dark, dirt, and torch will now how pain full this job is without removing the bummper) anyway we got it installed no problems.

I took the car out for a test . . . .WoOOOSSSHHHHHH! nice! that's new but I cant feel the boost? The CAI had somoothed out the power so much i thought some how i had messed it up? Then my mate say's too me "there is nothing wrong drive it like you stole it man". . . . .

lets just say there was Nothing wrong with the boost. . . . .($h!t) again immpressed by this car!!

So I was happy with the indction great sound nice mild affect . . .

3 Months later I decided it was time for some rims. . and lower suspention . .. got a good deall on GMAX Enigma 18"x7.5" Kings Super Lows (Springs) heres what it looks like now!
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