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  1. The SS Ute...

    I've had the car for over a month now & haven't had an opportunity to test the power against a worthy apponent until the other day. Took off from a set of lights with an SS ute in pursuit...he couldn't catch up so gave up...I was quite suprised!!!

    The brand new M3 the other night was another story though...I had nothing...straight away i'm thinking some mods was embarrasing...
  2. All fixed

    Well, they fixed the issues, as some of you may have read on some other posts.

    Turned out to be a faulty wastegate solenoid. Amazing to think that such a small component was causing me so much grief for over 6 months. In the time they had the car, they replaced plugs, coils, leads, injectors, fuel pumps, o2 sensors, EGR solenoid and turbo before discovering the faulty wastegate solenoid.

    So I now have a car that runs like an absolute charm (it's never felt so good ...
  3. Update

    Well, the car went back to the dealer for a day.

    In that day, they fixed a missing firewall grommet (noise in the cabin) that they stuffed up the previous time, decided that it needs yet another sat nav screen (now arguments between Mazda and VDO Dayton as to who is going to pay for that), and fixed up a clonk in the front steering.

    BUT they did not fix the hesitation. Apparently they tried plugs and coils. No difference. BUT they also said they tried driving 3 others, ...
  4. Back to Mazda again


    The car has been running like a sick dog again recently. So I took it back to the dealer, and took one of the techos for a ride. Murphy's law was good to me, and I managed to reproduce some of the horrible hesitation that it has been doing.

    It's now going back in to them for a couple of days from Monday to see if they can resolve it. The guy thought it felt like plugs / coil weakness. It's worse in wet weather...

    So we shall see what ...

    Updated 18-02-2009 at 10:09 AM by Swallowtail

  5. All fixed

    Well, credit to them, they fixed it all pretty quickly. Had the car dropped back to me this evening.

    Exhaust leak fixed, new alarm wiring harness fitted to fix the alarm, and a new stereo fitted to fix the scratched faceplate.

    And the car looooooks great. Been nicely cleaned inside and out too.

    So I'm a lot happier than I was on the weekend! Although would have been nice it it hadn't all needed doing! Ah well, such is life.

    Edit: BONUS! ...

    Updated 20-01-2009 at 07:40 PM by Swallowtail

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