Hi everyone, just thought I'd post a quick update on the site migration, as we just had an unplanned outage this evening.

We have moved the website to a small private datacenter network with internet connections in Queensland and Victoria. The Victoria site has only just been brought online, and ozmps is the first site to be hosted on the Victoria connections. The site is accessible through both queensland and victoria internet links but lives in victoria (for now) and so is sensitive to any issues with the victoria links.

Our ISP appears to have gone a bit haywire this evening, and began filtering traffic despite our connections clearly being in a DO NOT FILTER configuration. This was first noticed yesterday when it was affecting email only and I worked around the effects on email. Before I had a chance to submit a support ticket indicating the internet connection was not obeying it's stated configuration, this evening the ISP filtering config went full brain-snap by blocking most access to the site.

There are a small number of teething problems after the migration that we are working on. Generally any disruptions to the site while these are worked on will be short lived.

I am aiming to achieve the same reliability here in Victoria as has been achieved in Queensland where uptime is greater than 99.5% - This is a little more than one days downtime every 12 months.

Currently the victoria site, and therefore OzMPSclub.com is known to be sensitive to power fluctuations and there are a small number of problems after the migration that are being attended to.