Hi all,

Further to my announcement earlier regarding the future of OzMPSclub, we are putting the call out for a active members to step up and join the administration team. We will have a number of positions available (at least two).

This person doesn't need to have been a forum moderator or have technical knowledge of servers etc. But you must:

  • Be a regular active member
  • Be in good standing with site admin
  • Have no warnings
  • Be a team player and want to help build a growing community
  • Visit the site several times per week

If you think you'd be a good Moderator and would like to 'throw your hat in the ring' please send me a PM or email to rowan@ozmpsclub.com.

Be sure to include a few words explaining why you want to be a moderator and what you think you will bring to the table

Our members have a range of vehicles in their garages. Owning or not owning an MPS will have no effect on your application.

Unfortunately site sponsors who are also members cannot apply for this position.

Thank you all.