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Thread: CHANGES TO BUY & SELL - Please read, effective immediately.

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    Default CHANGES TO BUY & SELL - Please read, effective immediately.

    Hi All,

    Most of you will know now that for some time we have restricted the buy & sell section to VIP members to improve the quality of this section of the forum however, this was to the detriment of members wanting to post WTB (Wanted To Buy) threads.

    We have come up with a potential solution which will be implemented on a trial basis.

    The following rules will apply to any new thread started in the FS section;
    1. The following are IN ADDITION to the existing rules located here:
    2. If you incorrectly post the moderator will simply delete the thread, we will not fix the thread for you. Please ensure you meet ALL of the rules.
    3. You MUST use the template.
    4. You MUST accept PayPal or cash on pickup as payment methods.
    5. You MUST attach photos of the ACTUAL item(s) including a piece of paper with your forum tag and the date.
    6. Threads will no longer be automatically posted, please do not double post - they will go into a moderation queue and we will have to manually approve them.

    We cannot guarantee any transaction on the forums, use your brain!
    The forums are provided as an area to post interest on items, we cannot help you with transaction issues so we encourage you to use PayPal.

    What this means is now all members will be able to return to using the Member Buy and Sell section which is what most of you have told us you want.

    Please note as above, this is a TRIAL period so I cannot promise you it will stay this way forever or that it will not.
    We will continue to monitor and assess.

    MY16 WRX STi Crystal White Pearl
    -= Rally Armour Flaps - 2XS Muffler Delete =-

    FG FPV F6 MKII Vixen - SOLD
    -= Bluepower SRI - ID1000 Injectors - Venom Cat - XCAL3 - ProcessWest Stg2 Intercooler - 359 RWKW=-

    CX9 Grand Touring Stormy Blue
    -= The rolling armchair =-

    6 MPS Velocity Red - SOLD
    -=Cat Back Exhaust - Pirelli PZero=-

    3 MPS Aurora Blue - SOLD
    -=PG SRI - PG Inlet - ETS TMIC - GFB Hybrid BOV - Best Mufflers DP - Eibach Pro - AccessPort STG2 - Autotech HPFP - ITV22 - Michelin PSS=-

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    If you are using tapatalk you must have registered for the forum in a browser, you should know better about where to post. Please go back to the forum list and use common sense about choosing where to post this question.

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