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Thread: Trophies!

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    Default Trophies!

    Hello zoom zoomers!

    In addition to my post yesterday in regards to **Achievements** and @armthehomeless 's post about the new rep system (links below if you missed them);

    we also now have trophies, you may have seen some users with strange images next to their names, these are trophies.
    They do not permanently belong to any one user and will move around between members based on a set of criteria.

    To see what trophies are available, who has them and who has lost them click on 'activity' in the top navigation bar then click on 'trophies' (or click here - Trophies - OzMPSclub - Australia's fastest growing Mazda MPS forum)

    Have fun however the normal forum rules apply (Ie dont spam!).

    As with the achievement system the icons are temporary until I can find a better icon set.

    Any feedback etc please let me know - ive already asked the developers if the icon can be moved from next to the name into the 'postbit' (the right hand side under your details) so we will see if that can be done.

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    I don't have any trophy yet

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