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Thread: DISI MZR: 2.3 Engine to a rear wheel drive application

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    Default DISI MZR: 2.3 Engine to a rear wheel drive application

    Sorry If this has been covered before ( I did search the forum ) but has anyone done a rwd conversion with a 2.3 MPS engine? I know alot of conversions using a Duratec and was wondering what a 2.3 MPS might do ? What gearbox may be used etc etc - Anyone know of such a conversion?

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    I'm not immediately aware of any examples to point you towards, but I think if you can do it with a duratec you could do it with an MZR - same gearboxes etc would bolt up. Did you have a project in mind?
    Not certain, but I believe it can be done. I'd rather like to shoehorn one into an MX-5 myself.

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    I've always wondered as well about this conversion, ever since I got my MPS I've wanted to convert it to rwd but how safe will it be to do so?

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