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Thread: Hi everybody

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    Welcome another MPS Brisbanite hope to see you on the next cruise

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRE47 View Post
    Aww thats bad news, I will have to get my poor lil new car looked at now! Even in saying that I'm totally in love with this car!! Couldn't be happier. And everyone here is so lovely, thanks for the warm welcome. Will be hoping to meet you guys on the Queen Mary Falls cruise
    As long as you're happy with it. That's the main thing. I wasn't. But I'll leave it at that. Each to their own.

    Take it to any of the Fulcrum suspension places or someone reputable that will allign it like it should be aligned and get the front end checked frequently. Apart from that, there shouldn't be any major issues.

    Enjoy my previous I know I'm lovin' mine....(The XR's a Wednesday build, just gets better n better....).....

    Good to know it's gone to someone that does like the car.

    Oh and if you have a question, I'll be happy to assist if I can......

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