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Well after 15 straight days at the dealership and multiple replacement parts, the noise is... still there.

So I have cut my losses and traded it in. I wouldn't even advertise it due to the amount of stuff that was going wrong. If I did, the first person to see it would have laughed at me due to all the clunking and thumping from the car.

Here is a list of what went wrong on my car..

2x CV joints
4x front struts
1x rear strut
2x tie rod end links
2x engine mounts
1x steering wheel boss
1x rear seat headrest
1x hub carrier
1x control arm
1x clutch
1x turbo seal
It had 1x mazdaspeed set and 1x MPS seat
Would never hold a wheel alignment and would have to get one every 2 months

I traded it for a Ford Mondeo XR5, so I have some parts i can sell such as a BEGI intake and near new Dunlop Sportmaxx's, but i will post that in the for sale parts once I get my post count up..

So shattered with this car, this was supposed to be my dreamcar and it has just left me feeling shattered and also out of pocket...
Sorry to hear about your car being broken all the time.

Ford Mondeo XR5 is a nice car....so you must be happy.

Is it the updated new model, as they look very hot.

Hope you still hang around as other XR5 members are here to comfort you

Happy Motoring