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Thread: Hello from brisbane

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    Default Hello from brisbane

    Hi all, as of today I am the owner of an 05 mps6.

    Over the next few months I'll be doing a lot of research to help plan a series of modifications to improve the car, it's a little tatty at the moment but it has potential.

    It's black in colour with the luxury pack, however it has chrome rx8 style wheels and a larger wing that what I have seen on other mps cars, however I have seen at least 2 other cars with the same wing so I'm thinking it might have been an optional fitment.

    The chrome is peeling off of the wheels in large patches so my first modifications will be wheels and suspension, but not until I have given the mechanicals a thorough once over to ensure its reliability.

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    Hi and welcome! I think you'll find plenty of information here that will guide you on your modding journey. I suspect your larger wing may be the mazda 6 option wing which wasn't officially part of the MPS body kit but could probably be requested as an option - The BK SP23 Mazda3 had a similar lip spoiler as standard and I ordered one years ago with the full wing. The RX-8 wheels are a good alternative fitment to the OEM wheels in terms of size....if you are interested I have some BK MPS3 wheels in Toowoomba QLD which are a match for the MPS6 OEM wheel fitment or if your looking for something more aggressive fitments up to 18x8.5 are doable. I'd suggest avoiding offsets below +45 but I am more familiar with the 3 myself. 18x8+50 through to 18x8+45 are definitely good fitments.

    All the best - hope all the mechanical checks pass easily enough - rear diff mounts, engine mounts, timing chain and VVT actuator pop to mind as important to check out on recent purchase.
    "Blue Meanie" 2007 Aurora Blue MPS 3 - 18x8.5+44 SSR GTX01 - 235/40R18 Federal RS-RR - 3.5" ETS TMIC - CPE stg 2 mount - HKS/CPE BPV - 2XS inlet - 2XS short shift - 2XS turbo manifold - Hypertech tune - Leather/Aluminium handbrake - Momo shifty knob - 7" touchscreen - JDM Mazda Retractable dashtop screen assembly - PC based GPS and instrumentation - 36AH reserve battery and C-TEK isolator - TEIN Street Advanced coilovers 1" drop - Superpro bushings - 220Kw/410Nm.

    "Lipstick" 2013 Velocity Red MPS 3 - 18x7.5+48 Enkei RPF1 -225/40R18 Federal RS-RR - CPE TMIC - COBB inlet - CPE stg 2 mount - COBB Stage 1 98 octane tune - COBB shifty knob - 2XS short shift.

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    Can tell you now that the timing definitely needs doing, going to buy a kit asap and sort it out.

    There's a terrible intermittent knocking while driving at speeds above 70kmph that seems to come and go as it pleases, upon getting home I discovered that the engine splash tray is missing the bolt from the drivers side front corner, the mounting point for the passenger side front has been torn out of the tray altogether and both corners are hanging down badly. I'm hoping the knocking noise was the stay flapping around in the breeze.

    The car looks like it has had a hard life, but it's a good base for a tuner car.

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    Hey mate and welcome.
    Im in broadly as well so maybe see you around the traps one day.
    Im new to MPS as well though not new to modified car scene.
    I also have a knocking (hard metal on metal knock like a trailer on a tow bar)but after hours of trawling round the net I have theoretically narrowed it to sway bar end link, from what I read it can be a varied limit to the noise and a very high % do it.
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