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Thread: Cooling Fan Controller Replacement

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    Default Cooling Fan Controller Replacement

    Have a 2005 MPS 6 and found my cooling fans were operating slowly, so tracked the problem back to a failed fan controller module. In this model Mazda does not sell the module and you have to by the fans as well $1034.50. The module in my car is a Denso unit but the Mazda part is all the same for these models L3K9-15-15Y. Started looking around and found I could get these modules online in bulk, so purchased a lot of 5 (minimum order). Install just involved a 100W soldering iron and 30 minutes of time and it works perfectly. I have attached photos of the units (new vs.old) and the steps in replacing it. Still have 4 left over new units if anyone is interested on a $40 fix versus a $1000 fix.

    Cooling Fan Controller Replacement-20180425_140013.jpgCooling Fan Controller Replacement-mazda-fan-unit-quote.pngCooling Fan Controller Replacement-20180425_145016.jpgCooling Fan Controller Replacement-20180425_100949.jpgCooling Fan Controller Replacement-20180425_150251.jpgCooling Fan Controller Replacement-20180425_153152.jpgCooling Fan Controller Replacement-20180424_144427.jpg

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    Thanks for posting this - that's a huge $ saver

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