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Thread: MAF replacement

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    Default MAF replacement

    Hey guys,

    just got done with a power run on the dyno the other day after an initial dyno run in 2008 at which the car pulled 181awk but on Friday, only managed 169awkw.
    Now I know there can be a difference between dynos by make and manufacture and setup but what we did notice was the AFR’s where around 13.1, made a few calls and from what we can decipher is the original map should have had AFR’s around 11 (custom chiptorque Exed piggyback)
    From what we can conclude is that the MAF is on the way out it’s been cleaned but Chiptorque have indicated that the MPS doesn’t respond as well to clean as other cars and it’s probably time for a new one before attempting a retune.

    My question is, what MAF should I replace it with, prices seem to vary from $40 to $450. Does anyone have any stories or suggestions on what works and what doesn’t, would like to avoid $450 probably OEM Mazda (bit too steep) and $40 (ebay same part# as stamped on top of original unit) both for obvious reasons.


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    Hi....I'd like to know what options there are apart from OEM myself. I hadn't even considered sources othern than OEM myself. I've a MAF that has done >275,000Km and isn't really showing any ill effects but I suspect I'm losing a little at the top end, I haven't done any in depth analysis - I'm considering replacing MAF and O2 sensors on age alone.

    re: AFR and MAF bring dirty - if there's dirt on the MAF it has a greater mass which means it reads low - measures lower mass airflow than actual which I would expect to result in lean rather than rich. I'd suspect fatigue rather than being dirty might result in a rich mix.

    An OEM or flash tune this would be apparent from the long term fuel trims, which would reveal the ECU is compensating. The XEDE ECU complicates this, and I couldn't say how it handles the scenario - OEM or flash tune will automatically compensate within set tolerances and it isn't really an issue unless it's drifting too far from spec.

    Will post any info I find when I get a chance
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    I have cleaned the living shit out of the MAF, Pinched a can of Contact cleaner from work and emptied the MoFo all upside the damn thing till it froze my hands.
    Despite being excessively hot here in Southeast QLD last few days my Torquelite reading of AFR's look promising (don't want to be pushing 4th gear power loads in 42deg ambients).

    I'll try sort out the .crv with the log today if I can manage to get it to transfer for people to have a look, sadly don't have a before/after comp.

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