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Thread: Rattle noise on loaded boost

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    Unhappy Rattle noise on loaded boost

    Hi guys, so I was cleaning my engine bay and decided to pull my top mount off and because I have a blow off valve instead of disconnecting it from the mount I just took the vacuum line that connects it to the intake off and pulled it straight up and off after I cleaned it I put all the stuff back together and forgot to put the vacuum line back on not realising until later. I went for a drive after that (thrash with some mates) I realised my boost was spiking at around 20psi which isnít quite safe considering itís stock apart from a boost tap and bov, so because it was pulling quite hard I kept driving - stupid move... I was coming up to a set of lights and went from 3rd to 2nd and out of nowhere because I have a disconnected muffler I heard 2 very loud gunshot backfires which isnít normal for my car, it pops a bit here and there but not like this so immediately I knew something was up, as I went to take off I shifted to 2nd and gave it a bit of a hit and noticed a loud rattle noise on boost I pulled over and found that the vacuum was off so I went home took my intake off and had a look at the turbine and no fins are damaged and the shaft has normal play so Iím a bit lost as to what it could be... Iíve been driving it for about 2 weeks now and itís still making noise the idle hasnít changed and the noise is only on boost if I ease into it the rattle doesnít happen but if I load the accelerator it rattles like crazy. I drove it on Saturday and gave it a hit out of 2nd into 3rd - another stupid thing to do! And It felt like a boost cut and now the car comes on boost but not much happens... so yeah any help would be much appreciated before I send myself broke trying to get someone to fix it

    ive been told a number of things and I just donít know what it could be but Iím quite sure itís turbo related? Iím leaning more towards a blown gasket maybe i really donít know

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    A rattle caused by a disconnected vacuum line to the BPV while driving hard conjures all kinds of bad things. Blocking off BPV not a great idea in my opinion, I don't understand why people think the "hectic dose" is a good thing. Backfire likely due to fueling issues caused by unmetered air draw. The least concerning thing I can think of is the BPV itself. It goes downhill from there.

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