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Thread: Mazda 6 mps 2005 headunit wiring diagram

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    Default Mazda 6 mps 2005 headunit wiring diagram

    Hey guys, i want to install a subwoofer to my car and need the wiring diagram for the headunit to install my rca converter, i couldn't find any information in my owners manual and don't know which one to trust of the internet can someone please provide a link for it?

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    There might be some variation between BOSE and basic headunits. I'm not immediately sure if all 6MPS came with the BOSE unit, however a bit of a search online turned up the following:
    You've probably already seen this already. I did a forum search and haven't found a mazda 6 guide or details yet.

    I'd take some pictures of the loom connectors and from that you can compare to online info to confirm correct.

    Info from lawsjoe:
    Pre-Amp out for Bose

    Front Left-
    + Solid Black
    - Solid Green

    Front Right-
    + Solid White
    - Solid Red

    Rear Left-
    + Red w/silver dash
    - White w/ silver dash

    Rear Right-
    + Green w/ silver dash
    - Black w/ silver dash

    here is the order of what you sould read: number, reference form Mazda(letter) Bose system color and description.

    1 a RED BLACK LF+
    2 b RED BLUE/RED Batterie +
    3 c GREEN LF-
    4 d RED RF+
    5 e LGREEN/RED Data
    6 f WHITE RF-
    7 g BLACK/YELLOW Data
    8 i GREEN/RED Illumination
    9 j BLACK Remote
    10 n RED/BLACK Steering
    11 p GREEN/WHITE Steering
    12 r ORANGE Accessory
    13 s WHITE LR+
    14 u RED LR-
    15 v BLACK RR+
    16 w BLACK/ORANGE Ground
    17 x BLUE GREEN RR-
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