This started 6 months ago whe I got the clutch done at 120k, (AU$2,700) Mechanic put in an Exedy clutch with single mass fly wheel despite me asking for the dual mass.

One day later reversed up a hill and a loud "clunk" was heard, returned it and they misdiagnosed it as the clutch being mislabeled and the wrong part, so they installed the Exedy dual mass clutch (1,000 times better, no shudder, smooth as) realised st this point what a prune the mechanic is, not the most honest guy at all.

And 2 days later I hear the "clunk" when I reverse foot down on gas, when I returned it they raised it and with stethoscope determined the loud noise is coming from the transfer case!

Itís not the transfer case, took it to Mazda, a new engine mount has stabilised the engine and the loud clunk, but itís still there. Mazda wanted another $800 to open it up which I am not paying for so I still have not fixed it, after all the mechanic who did the clutch had it opened up twice and canít figure this out.

I have heard everything from the dual mass clutch plates being loose to cracked drive shafts to transfer case, itís a mystery?

But no question itís the drive train or clutch as it only happens in reverse when engaging the clutch under pressure, going up a hill etc. When you go back to first it clunks back and only happens in reverse again.

Has anyone had a problem like this out there?

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