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Thread: 2006 MPS with XEDE Chip (Chiptorque)

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    Default 2006 MPS with XEDE Chip (Chiptorque)

    2006 MPS with XEDE Chip (Chiptorque)

    Hey Guys

    I recently purchased a 06 MPS with an alleged "Chip"...well let's be honest there's something there i just don't know what.
    Here is a list of what mods I DO know of:

    Turbo back 3" Exhaust
    Koni Adjustable shocks

    That's it.

    The previous owner advertised the car with a "chip" but at sale he really didn't know anything about the car other than "it was faster than other MPS' he drove before purchasing it".

    I went through the car and found the log books and other Doc's and found a laminated Dyno sheet from ChipTorque listing the car at 181kw with 3"Exhaust and XEDE tune.

    I have since contacted ChipTorque and confirmed the car "had" and XEDE piggyback ECU installed but cant tell me what tune it had or anything much else.

    My Question is (I know we finally got there), Where is it? I can see the factory ECU next to the battery box but where would the XEDE be? is it wired in somewhere close to the factory unit or in a floor well somewhere ( had a quick look didn't notice when had kick panels off, but wasn't looking for that at the time)

    If anyone has any idea's, id love to hear them.


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    Found the Piggy back ECY, for anyone reading this in the future mine was located inside the battery box in the engine bay. Time to head to ChipTorque for a re-tune.

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